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World of paintings inside!!!!
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The Artist
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History of Painting inside bottles

Some hobbies have a rich history or background. While it's not necessary to know the background in order to enjoy the hobby, it can sometimes enhance the experience. Recently i read this type of art was started way back in 18th Century in China.
But anyway... I started this 11 years back after reading an article in one of India's news paper( Before that I had 5 more years of experience with watercolors. This form of paintng is little difficult in initial days. But after some days... it will be ultimate pleasure and you can enjoy every minute of it...!!!!!

My special thanks to my family members for encouraging me at all stages as this hobby is almost parallel to my studies. And to my friends who helped to develop this site.

About me


Born in a small village near Tenali in Guntur Dt. Andhra Pradesh,INDIA in 1975.
Done my B.Tech from Bapatla Engg. College, Bapatla
And M.Tech from SVU College of Engg., Tirupati
Now working as Software Engineer in Asia's largest Software Services company Tata Consultancy Services (
I don't have any certificates or degrees from Art Schools but still i enjoy painting as a hobby.
Now I am in Sydney.

U can contact me at or

Ravindra Prasad E
8/211, Norton St,
Ashfield, Sydney,
NSW -2131